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Located in a densely built environment in the old part of Hafnarfjörður the existing wood house dates back to the 1920s. The existing house is small, about 56 m² with a big and beautiful garden. The intention is to extend the house and make the garden more accessible. This challenging project deals with heritage protection, dense surrounding, small scale, and local planning. This proposal respects the shape and scale of the existing house. It would be impossible to expand the existing house without damaging the unique character. The individual unit behind it serves as a backdrop in the street view. The core ideology of the project is to look at the houses that have an effect on the sense of the surroundings and gather distinguishing elements in scale, material, and details, then let these elements shape our extension.

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local planning, extension,



two-bedroom apartment,

composer studio,


Suðurgata, Hafnarfjörður


capturing elements of the 


Hjördís Sigurðardóttir &

Ydda architects

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