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In Denmark, not far from the town Kjellerup there is an old farm. The 710 m² complex is a typical Danish farm made out of 4 buildings arranged in a circle making a courtyard. The project starts with the need for a new studio for professional music mastering. No drawings could be found of the houses so the first thing to do was to map the existing conditions before any changes would be made. These drawings are documentation of the farm and are focused on the part of the building that is to be changed. A part that holds one of two living quarters, a barn that will inhold the studio. Then there is a proposal of a new arrangement indoors to fulfill new needs of the family. The project is still in progress and will probably take changes as we go on.

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architectural documentation,  

indoor renovation


family apartment,

music mastering studio,


Kjellerup DK


rural living, intervening family 

life with a workplace at home,

responsible usage of space


Skonrokk studios, a family of five