the castle’s ramparts

Mýrarborg was made for a preeschool architecture competition held by the City of Reykjavík. The building site has a long history as a playground, indeed the oldest in Reykjavík. If you ask a person of any age who grew up in this neighbourhood, they will have memories of the concrete wall surrounding it. This is a fact that is taken into account in the design as it fits well with the environmental emphasis of the project. The building takes the shape and form of the funkis houses in the neighbourhood and combines it with old and new timber building methods, the outcome is unique and beautiful. The 3 story 1400+ m² preschool is completely made of timber besides foundations and the roof cladding. 

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preschool, competition


6 classrooms, offices, staff

facilities, multipurpose hall,

family centre


Njálsgata, Reykjavík


childhood memories,

surrounding shapes, timber and



Ólafur Baldvin Jónsson &

Petra Hjartardóttir